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  • Physician Skills

    Physician Skill SetPhysicians don't always see that the skills making them successful in the OR, emergency room,
    or cath lab can actually get in their way when they work together in groups.

    physician leadership
  • Conflict Handling

    Dealing With Conflict Some physicians would be excellent leaders if they learned to deal with conflict. Others
    need to be more self-aware to become a good leaders.

    physician leadership
  • Performance Priorities

    Performance PrioritiesHigh performing medical groups emphasize clinical quality, build relationships between
    clinicians and non-clinicians, and adapt quickly to new ways of working.

    physician leadership
  • Physician Burnout

    Physician BurnoutPhysician burnout is a huge issue: Over 10% of 12,000 primary care physicians recently
    surveyed planned to leave health care within one to three years.

    physician leadership
  • Psychological Stress

    Psychological Stress Physicians are under enormous psychological stress with revenue uncertainty, regulatory
    burden, and a new culture where they're part of a rapidly changing organization.

    physician leadership

Welcome to the Center for Physician Leadership. We specialize in working with physicians and executives to close the gap between rigorous demands of a changing healthcare system and the traditional, more autonomous medical paradigm. Click here to contact us or for a complimentary consultation on your organization's needs


Our Services

physician leadership

We understand that physicians and executives don’t have time for abstract, “soft” discussions. Our physician leadership training is hands-on and practical, with concrete skills your leaders can immediately use. We offer a variety of formats to meet your organization’s unique needs. Our services include educational workshops, training and coaching programs, and organizational consulting.

The Benefits

physician leadership

Physician leaders do more than manage; they are key to the implementation of the organization’s strategic initiatives. Effective physician leaders bring vision and interpersonal skills to meld divergent views and strong opinions into a unified approach. They become the guiding force required to lead their physician colleagues in embracing the organization’s critical imperatives of optimal patient care and cost containment.

Why CPL?

physician leadership

CPL is dedicated solely to healthcare leadership development. Our experience has shown us that, although healthcare systems face similar challenges, their unique cultures require customized solutions. We understand the special challenges physician leaders face. Our didactic experiential learning approach, combined with follow up coaching, gives your physician leaders the skills needed to be effective in their roles.

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What our clients have to say about us:

Fred is a very savvy long-time participant in the health care system: first as a practicing cardiologist, and later as both an owner/entrepreneur/manager on the provider side of services, and recently in a consulting role for the payer side. I can't speak highly enough of Fred's business talent, integrity, and insight, as well as work and service ethic.
Joe Gifford, MD, CMO, Washington, The Regence Group
Ashley's approach to coaching is highly professional and organized and at the same time very creative and tailored to the individual......extremely useful beyond the professional and personal impacts of a transition ...... I can highly recommend her - thanks, Ashley!
Kristin Schmiedehausen, MD, PhD
Fred provides useful and new information about leadership skills, practical tips on effectiveness, and improved my confidence in handling difficult situations
Terrence Pheifer, MD, Chief of Staff
Ashley has a tremendous depth of knowledge.... her warm and approachable demeanor further enhances her effectiveness as an executive coach. I would highly recommend Ashley.
Gregory Bledsoe, MD, Director – physician leadershipl Fusion Conference