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Organizational Consulting

Many healthcare organizations recognize the need for effective physician leadership development as an organizational priority. Most, however, struggle with the best way to achieve this strategic goal. While healthcare organizations across the country may share this strategic priority, their unique cultures make the template “solutions’ offered by most consulting firms unappealing.

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CPL works with your organization in engaging your physician leaders and assuring their success.

We can help your organization develop or improve your own internal Physician Leadership strategy. We collaborate with you in:

  • Integrating your organization’s culture with your physician culture
  • The development and delivery of assessment measures:
    • Measuring your physician leadership “bench strength”
    • Identifying the high potentials within your medical staff
    • Implementing objective metrics for effectiveness evaluation
  • Identification of your organization’s unique areas of strengths and deficits
  • Development of a core leadership curriculum unique to your physicians and the needs of your organization

physician leadership

Customized Physician Leadership Training Programs

While healthcare organizations may share similar challenges, CPL’s experience leads us to conclude that the diversity of healthcare culture dictates the need for customized solutions.

We have identified core leadership competencies that need to be mastered, a core curriculum of didactic and experiential learning tools to assure their mastery, and ongoing support programs to sustain their mastery. Unlike other leadership programs that offer templates or “off the shelf” solutions, CPL uses our core knowledge base and works with your organization to develop customized physician leadership programs that assure success for your organization and its culture.

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Typically our customized approach includes the following steps:

  1. Assessment of the organization’s current “Physician Leadership Competency”:
    • Structured interviews with key players and stakeholders
    • Review of organizational assessment tools if available or the delivery of 360s for identified physician executives
    • Development and delivery of a “Physician Leadership Results Report” to the executive team, and strategic feedback to all impacted individuals
  2. Roll-out of a collaborative measurable, customized “Physician Leadership Training Program” where we guide the participant’s education and action plan execution:
    • Defined outcomes with metrics to assess progress
    • Eight educational modules delivered on-site combined with group follow-up calls
    • Individual coaching to assure success and sustainability

physician leadership

Customized Physician Coaching Programs

Leadership programs that offer new information and suggestions for improvement often fall short of providing sustainable and measurable improvement in effective leadership skills.

Moving through the four stages of adult learning (see……) can be difficult and frustrating. New skills are seldom mastered with the first attempt at their implementation. Success requires support along the way.

To assure success, CPL offers ongoing 1:1 coaching with identified physician leaders. We have seasoned executive coaches who understand the leadership challenges that physicians face, and have the tools to help them succeed in the new environment.

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The goal of 1:1 coaching is to provide an intensive, completely individualized support program for physician leaders, one that helps them accelerate their skill development and make sustainable behavioral change.

Follow-up coaching for the physician participants is an effective way to ensure that the leadership teachings are not only understood, but applied by each individual in their own unique setting. Coaching is by far the best way to enable physician leaders to test out new leadership skills and sustain their development.

Typically, coaching physician leaders proceeds in the following steps:

  • Phase 1: Assessment – where through a series of self-assessments, questionnaires and/or a 360degree evaluation we get a baseline of each physician leader’s leadership competency, challenge areas to address, and strengths to leverage.
  • Phase 2: Action Planning – where the coach and coachee translate everything they’ve learned into actionable items. We determine the top 2-3 priority areas for each coachee, based on both individual development goals and the needs of the organization. We ensure alignment with any critical stakeholders/sponsors, imperative as the coachee moves forward.
  • Phase 3: Implementation – where the coach and coachee meet regularly by phone or video conference and focus on the key development areas defined in each physician leader’s Action Plan. At the end of the defined timeframe, the coach and coachee take time to reflect and re-assess progress made, new skills developed, and goals/objectives achieved.

physician leadership

Educational Workshops on Physician Leadership

CPL offers a variety of solutions for those interested in providing their physicians with educational workshops on physician leadership topics. Depending on your need, workshops can be run on-site at your hospital or off-site in a venue of your choosing.

We understand that physicians and executives don’t have time for abstract, “soft” discussions. Our physician leadership workshops are hands-on and practical, delivering concrete solutions to every day challenges that your leaders can immediately use.

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Our Brief Workshops are typically a half-day (3 hours), with an overview of physician leadership concepts delivered in a didactic, engaging environment. We can accommodate up to 100 physician leaders in these workshops, and include time for breakout groups that enable discussion and hands-on learning. Our goal with these brief workshops is to introduce the principles of Physician Leadership and build awareness of typical challenges and ways to address them.

Our Intensive Workshops are typically one or two days, and target small groups of Physician Leaders (8-12 participants), who come to the table with very specific issues they would like to address. Workshops are highly tailored for the participants and their particular leadership challenges.

Workshops are modular in nature, and typically broken into four sections:

  • Education on Physician Leadership concepts
  • Exploration of each participant’s specific leadership issues/barriers to change
  • Definition of each participant’s individualized “go-forward” strategy
  • Action Plan Development, where time-bound, measurable key steps are identified and each participant leaves with a roadmap for implementation

Our goal for the Intensive Workshops is for each Physician Leader to walk away with a specific, individualized plan that they are confident to begin implementing in their hospital immediately. Follow-up coaching with CPL is often arranged to ensure progress.