Benefits For The Physician

physician leadership

Physician leaders are frequently overwhelmed by the challenges they face. They have told us that they are “drinking from the fire hose” while “herding cats”. High achieving individuals accustomed to success are often frustrated by their lack of progress in their leadership position. CPL gives your leaders the leadership skills needed to be effective with their colleagues and the ability to be resilient and adaptable in their organization.

Physicians, after leadership training, will be skilled in three very critical areas:

In Leading Themselves:

  • Become very self-aware, authentic leaders
  • Are excellent at managing their own emotions
  • Are excellent at managing their own emotions
  • Have a high degree of professionalism

In Leading Others

  • Build positive, reciprocal relationships
  • Enable others to act by fostering an
    environment of trust and collaboration
  • Are exemplary communicators, able to adapt personal style
  • Are able to delegate effectively and keep others accountable
  • Build effective teams and enhanced collegiality

In Leading the Organization

  • See the big picture and think strategically
  • Use a team-based approach to problem-solving
  • Have a systems focus
  • Create “win-win” scenarios

The bottom line is that through our leadership training, physicians:

  • Become more productive leaders
  • Handle conflict effectively
  • Deal with disruption from other clinicians
  • Use process to get things done
  • Work with people whose communication
    styles differ from their own
  • Engage physicians who are resistant but
    may have information critical to success
  • Inspire physicians to cooperate on critical projects in the absence of immediate incentives
  • Become skilled at identifying young talent, effectively creating a physician leadership pipeline

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