CPL Testimonials

physician leadership


A cohesive and dynamic teaching style

I recently attended a Physician Leadership course with Ashley and Dr. Tobis. Working with Ashley over the course of 5 months, I feel confident in saying that she and Fred have created a cohesive and dynamic teaching style. Their style made the incorporation of leadership skills into my clinical and administrative positions very practical and seamless. I would not hesitate recommending them to others as well as looking to them in the future for further training and advice
Steven Blair ,Associate Medical Director

Practical, ready-to-use courses from a top  physician leader

We asked CPL to provide the hospital’s executive medical staff physicians with leadership training and mentoring… an organized Leadership Training Module approach was used to accomplish this task… As a seasoned physician with 30 years of experience, I came away with a new skill set acquiring pearls in each of the modules presented. Most of the physician participants had taken previous physician leadership courses, but commented to me that this was the most practical course they had taken, and were ready to use their new found expertise in leadership, team-building, motivating others and dealing with the ever present disruptive physician behavior issues… I highly recommend Dr. Tobis and CPL as the mentor and teacher of your hospital’s physician workforce. He will most likely transform them into effective physician leaders with the skills necessary to embrace the future of healthcare.
Mitch Weinberg , MD, PhD, FAAP – (Past) VPMA, Evergreen Hospital

successful physician executive with mastery skills

In an era when many physicians are moving from full-time clinical practice of either part-time or full-time administrative duties, it is imperative that they have some form of coaching to make that transition seamlessly. While most physicians feel that they have an adequate amount of training to fulfill an administrative role, it quickly becomes apparent that there are simply portions of the job that we never learned in medical school, residency, or clinical practice. To become an effective administrator, physicians need to go on a steep learning curve to master the skills that will make them successful in their new endeavors. Ashley Wendel has made me a much more successful physician executive by dramatically shortening the time in which I was able to master these new skills.
Craig Rhyne ,MD – Chief Medical Officer, Covenant Health System

owner/ entrepreneur/ manager on the provider side of services

Fred is a very savvy long-time participant in the health care system: first as a practicing cardiologist, and later as both an owner/entrepreneur/manager on the provider side of services, and recently in a consulting role for the payer side. I can't speak highly enough of Fred's business talent, integrity, and insight, as well as work and service ethic.
Joe Gifford , MD, CMO Washington, The Regence Group

thoughtful and immensely helpful for transitioning physicians

Ashley helped identify strengths and weaknesses (after a detailed 360 degree evaluation). She elicited feedback that was thoughtful and immensely helpful. I transitioned into a new position as a VPMA in biotech and she helped prepare for a very successful transition. I also engaged in consulting work and she helped with setting that up and considerations for the value proposition. It was a delight working with her- she's engaged and interested and has a lot of experience, particularly with physicians who are transitioning out of clinical medicine, or who are trying to learn how to function as a team member administratively. Five stars!
Robert Schott, MD, MPH, FACC – VPMA, diaDexus

expertise and consummate professionalism were on demonstration

I recently invited Ashley to participate in a practice development workshop at the Society of Interventional Radiology’s annual meeting. Ashley focused on physician personal development as the foundation of a successful career. Ashley’s expertise and consummate professionalism were demonstrated both by her methods and her message… Her insight into medicine and how to improve its delivery at a personal level was impressive. It was a pleasure working with Ashley and I highly recommend her.
Jason Funderburk, M.D., M.B.A., Chief, Assistant Professor, Interventional Radiology, Weill-Cornell College of Medicine, New York Presbyterian Hospital

useful and new information about leadership skills

Fred provides useful and new information about leadership skills, practical tips on effectiveness, and improved my confidence in handling difficult situations
Terrence Pheifer, MD, Chief of Staff

highly professional and organized

Ashley's approach to coaching is highly professional and organized and at the same time very creative and tailored to the individual......extremely useful beyond the professional and personal impacts of a transition ...... I can highly recommend her - thanks, Ashley!
Kristin Schmiedehausen, MD, PhD

tremendous depth of knowledge

Ashley has a tremendous depth of knowledge.... her warm and approachable demeanor further enhances her effectiveness as an executive coach. I would highly recommend Ashley.
Gregory Bledsoe, MD, Director – Medical Fusion Conference

insightful strategic advisor who can earn the trust of physicians

Fred has extensive real life experience bringing together medical groups and hospital executive---with sometimes competing agends---to the table to create win-win health services, programs, alliances and joint ventures. He is an insightful strategic advisor who can earn the trust of physicians, CEO's and board members.
Francine Gaillour, , MD, MBA, FACPE, Executive Director, The Physician Coaching Institute

driven and insightful Physician Coach

Ashley is a driven and insightful Physician Coach...... Her keen understanding of the physician mindset, regardless of training level, was evident in our conversations. One of Ashley's great strengths was her ability to see the potential value of my experience in ways that I could not see myself...... Ashley's dedication to her job reveals that she truly cares about her work and the people she works with. I am very satisfied with our work together, and I highly recommend her services.
Sujay Kapadia, MD, Position/Job

Committment to work, tireless effort, enthusiasm and passion for the job

Ashley's coaching and mentoring has been phenomenal. Her enthusiasm and passion for her job, as well as our work, makes her fabulous to work with. Critically and thoughtfully listening to ideas that have their origin in years of clinical work, Ashley has helped me to assimilate these concepts into a working plan and organization that I am now confident will succeed. Moreover, her commitment to her work and the tireless effort she that she has offered us inspires our team to work harder to succeed in reaching the very goals that she has helped us to shape. Our company would not be in a position to do great things were it not for the coaching of Ashley Wendel.
Matthew H. Corcoran, MD, CDE