Why CPL?

physician leadership

CPL is dedicated solely to healthcare leadership development. Our experience has shown us that, although healthcare systems face similar challenges, their unique cultures require customized solutions. We understand the special challenges physician leaders face in implementing significant changes needed for your organization’s viability.

Physician leaders are key to your organization’s success. To be effective, they need to understand not only what they are being asked to do, but, more importantly, how to do it.

At CPL, we recognize that new skill acquisition in adulthood is a challenging four-step process:

Unconscious incompetence: not knowing what we don’t know
Conscious incompetence: recognizing the need for new skill acquisition, but lacking the ability to perform them
Conscious competence: performing new skills, but having to work hard to do them correctly
Unconscious competence: mastering new skills with little effort

CPL’s unique approach works with your leadership team along each of these four stages of adult learning.

Our didactic and experiential learning approach, combined with follow up coaching, gives your physician leaders the skills needed to be unconsciously competent in their critical organizational roles.


CPL’s core curriculum is based on over 30 years of experience in healthcare delivery and organizational development. It integrates the knowledge of organizational dynamics, adult learning, successful collaboration, and leadership development with the unique challenges facing healthcare and its autonomous physician culture. This integrated knowledge base is used in the development of a novel approach to developing effective physician leaders.